We receive this question all the time from our clients. According to various sites, San Antonio's population is roughly 1,335,287 people up 11% from last year and it is steadily growing. With the cities culturally diverse population, you can experience a variety of different foods and activities. We pride ourselves on being a large city with a small town mentality.

Alamo Ranch

Welcome to the Northwest suburbs. Alamo Ranch is the fastest growing area in San Antonio. Home Values in the area range from $200,000 to $500,000 depending on which side of 1604 you want to live.
There are various strip malls available up-and-down the Hwy 151 Corridor that offer different types of Dining and Entertainment. The 10 minute commute between Alamo Ranch and nearby Lackland Air Force Base is inviting to military personnel resulting in many of them calling this area home.

 A Word of Caution

Since Alamo Ranch is one of the fastest growing areas, the construction for the roads is at a slower pace than the construction for homes. So, depending on what time you leave for work, you might run into some traffic challenges.

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